Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waging battle?

This week I've been feeling VERY out of sorts. It's due in part to a headache that's plagued me since Sunday (actually it started late Saturday) & it's caused from knots in my back. Kevin's done his best to work them out & did great but they still linger. The dang foam roller wont quit hit them either but I feel them. Anyway..that's part of the problem.

Not certain what's causing the other exactly but something struck me on the way back from the store today. I already knew it was Holy Week & what better time for satan to attack believers? I mean come on ..the holiest of weeks in the year....the time we remember the salvation of our lives, where HE died so that we could be free? It was like a 2x4 in the forehead. Satan leaves us alone if we aren't close to a breakthrough of sorts.

I was reading a friend's blog about this too. She's been having "demon dreams" & slept with a Bible under her pillow so that she could sleep better. It's amazing to know that he seeks us out in the times we are growing. So I guess my thought is that we should be proud to be sought because we are facing some great growth. That may sound hokey but if a little waged war against evil means I'm getting stronger...then I'll take it.

I heard a song on the radio the other day that I wanted to share. We sing it in church alot & it's just a song that makes me grin from every inch of my body. It's by Hillsong & called "Salvation is Here."

The chorus is this....

'Cause I know my God saved the day
And I know His word never fails
And I know my God made a way for me
Salvation is here

It's a goodie so check it out if you'd like. It sorta makes Him sound like a superhero, doesnt it?

Anyway...I know I have reader's with different beliefs so I will apologize if I've offended. It's totally not my intention but I just wanted to share what's on my mind the last few days......

I'll catch up with other stuff in another post :)


Lady Rois said...

"It's amazing to know that he seeks us out in the times we are growing."

I swear there's times when the universe lines up and the shared experiences abound. The hubby & I have been going through a lot of personal and mental growth, and the road blocks keep appearing as if our conviction to our chosen path is being tested.

Staying plugged in to the positive - podcasts, books, music, etc - has really helped. Interestingly, the hubby felt his physcially worst in years the week he was without his computer and mp3 player to have his daily dose of positve.

ps. I'm so sad about my Spartans. :(

The Kelley Family said...

Hey there! I think there are several of us writing about this holy week. Your comment abou the devil, I never thoght about it like that butit makes perfect sense. Sometimes at night when I am reading my verses, the devil pops into my head and I have to tell him to get out and for God to steady my eyes on the message.

Glad that SOS is starting you out slowly. Jodi knows her stuff so you know you are in good hands. You are going to be one hot bride. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Someone forwarded me this link... I'm experiencing the devil these days (I am 18 days from my first fitness competition and all I can think about is CHOCOLATE! LOL)

Thanks for putting it into perspective for me! I definitely know I CAN do this... now I just need to DO it!