Monday, April 6, 2009


So, it's Holy Week. The time of the year that some make a bi-annual pilgramage to church. Some spend the week in Passover. For me, I just try to remember WHY I live. WHY I'm forgiven & WHY I'm allowed to just be me. With those same thoughts, I sometimes think WHY did you do all that for us? And then I'm reminded with a gentle nudge...the fact that He'd have done it for JUST me. I'll never go all preachy on you because it's just not my style. But I will say that whether you believe in God or should know that He died for you anyway!

I've spent alot of time in thought this week & vocalizing some things to a friend that I'm certain was put in my path to help me find my faith again. I was soooooo humbled this week with the thoughts of what God has done for me....from His brutal death to just carrying me through my grief to helping me find my health to bringing me the man of my dreams. I mean right down to the wedding's no coicincidence. I'm fully assured of that.

The week has brought about renewed excitement in my life. Reconnecting with the old Savage team, college friends, booking things for the wedding, etc.

It just reminds me that life indeed is good. It's not about what you have, who you impress or what size pants you wear. It's just about living an abundant life. I'm not saying you cannot have that without God either. But what I am saying is that just makes *my* life sweeter.

The weekend was good. We watched the Final Four games at the Blue Chip, had some good eats at the buffet, played a littled (won a little too!) Caught up with a friend yesterday who's struggling yet acknowledging that she needs help.

Nothing earth-shattering but that's how I like my days to be!

I'm off & running with SOS once again (read down a couple for that scoop) & we did our first workout this morning. Still waiting for the nutrition/cardio prescription but I know that takes a bit to receive.

Have a GREAT Monday!

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