Thursday, April 23, 2009


1) My Yahoo inbox has spontaneously cleared itself out so if you've emailed, it's gone. If you've emailed in the last day or so & I've not responded then I dont have it in there.

2) A prayer for my Dad this morning would be MUCH appreciated.

3) I had a GREAT LONG cardio session last night. Did the following:

15 min run (slacker pace) & 5 min walk (3.0 @10% incline) - repeat x2
20 min elliptical

Felt good & helped me clear my head. Well, really it was a distraction so I thought about NOTHING! It was fab!

No hip pain after my last 2 running sessions. THAT is a good thing!

4) That's all. But if you want to read #2 again that would be appreciated!

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