Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rain or Shine!

You's doing both!

This morning in typical fashion, Kevin & I woke up around 630ish. Did we need to wake early? Nope. We just cannot seem to sleep in any more.

As I sit & update, I'm trying to figure out how this huge fly got in my house. I've been in & out a bit but no door has been left wide open. He's ginormous! It'll be fun when the cat sees him!

Let's recap the day....

Run/walk-done (legs were sore from yesterday so we did more walking than running)
Flower beds (finally) all tended to
Target run for a few things
Dishwasher running
Linens in the wash
Dusted upstairs & main level
Kitchen tidied
Food in belly (check, check, check & check)
Tossed out old magazines

Last night we watched 7 Pounds & it was a HEAVY movie. Really good though! And my Dad actually watched Slumdog Millionaire with his friend & he liked that as well. Though he said it was initially hard to get into it was a good one!

Tonight's agenda is dinner out & we are catching Fast & Furious since it's in the Five Buck Club now.

I've been crazy hungry the last couple days & cannot put my finger on why but I'm eating more when I get that nagging hunger because I dont think it's purposeful to feel that way.

That's it from me. Catching up on things around the house. Should also run the sweeper but it'll be stormy tomorrow so I may save that for then. I also need to get to Trader Joe's so just might do that after church tomorrow!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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